How can I encourage my kids soccer team?

Good communication between teammates is an essential ingredient in a good football team. A pass should be called for and players need to be told whether they have space to turn or are closely marked. Try the following soccer coaching tips to get your players talking!

GoalkeeperStart talking with your goalkeeper

Communication on the pitch is very important and it’s a topic which concerns a lot of football coaches. One of the most important areas of communication is getting your goalkeeper to talk to the defenders. The goalkeeper is often pictured as isolated at the back, but he or she is the catalyst for the rest of the team to talk to each other. So use the goalkeeper as much as you can.



Goalie tips

Kids soccer NoosaGet the goalkeeper to organise your defenders when you are facing dangerous free kicks or you have given away a corner.  It is important that you practise this in training drill sessions. Make sure your goalkeeper knows it is their job.

The goalkeeper is going to have to shout to get their attention, and the more he or she does this in training, the more it becomes second nature in matches.  Communicating through your goalkeeper keeps them in touch with their defence. You need the goalkeeper to talk to the midfield as well.


Defence footballWalk and talk your players through a move

During training, get your team to walk through a move started by the goalkeeper who is shouting instructions to his defenders. “Bayden’s on,” or “Bonnie’s made a run.”

Get them calling to each other so they begin to realise that getting the ball from A to B is a lot easier if everyone is shouting their positions on the pitch or telling each other who is in a good position.

Your goalkeeper is very important in communicating with the rest of the team, if they are a good communicator, your team will communicate so much better.

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