How Sports Impacts The Lives of Girls and Women Long After Their Playing Days Are Done

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How can I train my football team?

As you’re coaching your new group of young stars, let them dictate how the practice goes. Be open to varying your allocated time per drill.

If one drill is working great and the kids want to do it longer than expected, no problem! The key is that they are having fun while out there, and naturally they will be learning the basics of how to play soccer.  Ball at their feet, and let them play!

Choose drills that have every player with a ball at their feet as much as you can. This will both keep them all more interested, but also slowly increase their natural ability and comfort with the ball.

Play lots of small sided games, and it is best to keep the numbers for a game LOW. Just have 3 v 3, or 4 v 4. Try to avoid having big games like 6 v 6 or more. The less players playing the more touch on the ball for everyone, and in turn the more fun they will have.

Although some of these games can be for older players as well, keep to just the basics for your beginner players… low pressure and LOTS of encouragement and support.

Kids Soccer Number Game

Numbers game is one kids love to play! Have you tried it with your team yet? They love to learn how to play soccer with this fun drill. Players line up in goal and each are given a number

– For numbers game, set up a field roughly 18 m by 27m.
– Set up teams, and number each player on each team 1-4 (go higher if need be)- Players start by standing on the goal line of their goal.

– Kick a soccer ball into the field, and you call out a number.
– Player of that number on each team come out and play 1 v 1 trying to score.
– Players not called act as goalies, but cannot leave the goal line.
– If you call out another number, players leave ball where it is, run back to goal line and the number called out comes out to play 1 v 1.

– Just keep simple and fun, try to keep players on the goal line.

– Encourage players to shoot low, below waist level.
– Remember, encourage successes and have fun with your players!

— Call out more than 1 number so it becomes 2 v 2 or 3 v 3.
– For players a little older, have them perform 1 “move” or “turn” before scoring a goal from our individual skills page.

Total time estimated:
– 10 minutes is good for young players to enjoy this soccer numbers drill

Go Go Stop

Soccer Ball DrillGo go stop is a game for kids that will teach them the basics of dribbling a soccer ball. They learn to keep the ball close to their feet, while picking up the basics on how to quickly stop a ball.

– Go go stop is set up in a grid 18m by 18m.
– Every player has a ball at their feet.

– The football coach calls out go repeatedly to keep players dribbling and moving.
– Players dribble on the “go’s”.
– Once you call out STOP, the players must stop the ball using the bottom of their foot as quickly as possible.

– Players should use the inside, outside and laces part of their boot to dribble the ball, while keeping the ball close to their feet as they dribble.
– Coach players that allow the ball to run ahead a few metres to keep it closer, ball ideally for this skill should be within a metre at all times to allow for a quick stop, or turn in a game.
– Remember, encourage successes!

– Have a competition, but don’t eliminate players. Call out the “fastest” to stop rather then pointing out the negative.
– Try left foot only, or right foot only.
– To get players in the habit of dribbling with their head up, hold your hand up for them to dribble and make a fist when you want them to stop, but say nothing. This forces players to keep their head up to watch you and not down staring at the ball.

Total time estimated:
– 5-7 minutes for go go stop dribbling practice.

Kids Soccer Crab Game

Kids Soccer GameIn this fun crab game for kids, players have lots of fun while dribbling around other players trying to take their ball away that are walking like crabs to win the ball.

– Crab game is set up with a grid roughly 18m by 27m.
– 2 players start as defenders or “crabs” in the middle. They walk on the facing upwards on their feet and hands.
– All other players have a ball on one end line.
– As always, demonstrate what you expect from your players!

– Players A try to dribble to the other side of the grid without having their ball kicked out of the grid or controlled by a “crab”.
– If a player loses their ball, they become one of the crabs!
– Winning player is last player standing with their ball.

– Works on players avoiding trouble and dribbling into space.
– Develops players ability to dribble while under pressure in a fun setting.
– Defenders should work together which builds communication and teamwork.
– Remember, encourage your players!

— Have the defenders stand up defending as they would in a game.

Total time estimated:
– 7-10 minutes is good for young players to enjoy this soccer crab game.

Good luck and let us know if you need any more ideas!

What skills do I need to have to be an amazing Football Coach?

An effective football coach must not only have an in-depth knowledge in everything about football. They must also possess special characteristics that will help them become a great coach and produce a winning football team. A successful football team does not just rely on the physical and technical requirements, but usually more than those. The football coach must develop skills to fulfill them.

Here are 10 typical features that every football coaches must have.

1. Good Role Model

Football coachEvery football team needs a coach that is a good role model. You have to understand that they need someone worth imitating. Check yourself if you are willing to be your football team’s role model.

Put in mind that you are going to be their servant-leader and they are relying their success on you. You would be teaching them positive attitudes to win a game. It would be a shame if you teach something you don’t actually apply to yourself.

2. Admirable Appearance

Kids Football NoosaBeing a good football coach, you must never overlook the importance of appearance. Make sure you look neat and tidy.

Cleanliness could add up to your professional look and this will help you gain trust and respect of the team.

Remember that you will be the players’ role model, their football coach.

3. Be Punctual

U7 Kids Soccer NoosaAlways be early to arrive in the football training. This way, you can manage the training set-up before the players arrive.

It will also help you to not waste your time and can focus on the training objectives by starting on time during the sessions.

If you will be late, there will be big chances that the football players will get bored easily, or even be impatient because you are not being professional.

4. Good teacher

An effective football coach is a good teacher. Part of your duty is to teach them everything about football especially the basics like passing, dribbling, shooting and tackling. You have to make it sure that your football team is learning and growing their skills. Always remember to give clear and correct instructions during the training sessions. You can’t coach the football players who don’t have any knowledge about the do’s and don’ts in football. In teaching football skills, demonstrating the drills is better than oral instructions.

5. Friendly

Establish a good player-coach relationship with your football team by being friendly to them. You must understand their personalities by knowing their personal lifestyles and interests. This way, you could analyze their varied emotional and mental characteristics and develop strategies that could motivate them more accordingly. But be reminded, you can get personal but stay professional.

6. Good Listener

It is important to constantly seek the football team’s involvement, and one way of this is by asking their views after every game. As the football coach, you must be a good listener because every person has his own brilliant ideas to share. Always encourage them to speak out and take what they say into consideration. Make notes if necessary, and include some recommendations in your football session plan.

7. Good Communicator

It is important that a football coach knows the importance of communication. This includes recognizing the players’ performances and achievements. Encourage them to do better and praise them for a game well done. Be conscious with using your words because a coach’s words are powerful and will bring a big impact to the team.

8. Development

Each football player’s development is essential. As their coach and role model, you must not only teach them football basic skills, but also social skills like discipline, patience, determination, and teamwork. Always put as one of your goals the development of the team players.

9. Team Motivator

Always develop activities in the football training session that will help motivate each football player to do better every game. Don’t forget to remind them their goals and missions on why they wanted to learn football and create a winning team. Words of encouragement and ways for development are very useful.

10. Goal-Centered

Whatever may happen, always look unto your football team’s goal – Why you are working so hard, why the football players are determined to learn and follow every instructions, why their parents keep on supporting your team. You are all doing your best to reach that common goal. An effective football coach knows how to picture out that goal to the players’ minds.

If you can apply these 10 football Coach must-have’s, then you will be the football players’ favourite coach ever. Always remember to give them the chance to achieve their full potentials. Football is one great enjoyable game in the world, make sure you put that in their minds.

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How can I encourage my kids soccer team?

Good communication between teammates is an essential ingredient in a good football team. A pass should be called for and players need to be told whether they have space to turn or are closely marked. Try the following soccer coaching tips to get your players talking!

GoalkeeperStart talking with your goalkeeper

Communication on the pitch is very important and it’s a topic which concerns a lot of football coaches. One of the most important areas of communication is getting your goalkeeper to talk to the defenders. The goalkeeper is often pictured as isolated at the back, but he or she is the catalyst for the rest of the team to talk to each other. So use the goalkeeper as much as you can.



Goalie tips

Kids soccer NoosaGet the goalkeeper to organise your defenders when you are facing dangerous free kicks or you have given away a corner.  It is important that you practise this in training drill sessions. Make sure your goalkeeper knows it is their job.

The goalkeeper is going to have to shout to get their attention, and the more he or she does this in training, the more it becomes second nature in matches.  Communicating through your goalkeeper keeps them in touch with their defence. You need the goalkeeper to talk to the midfield as well.


Defence footballWalk and talk your players through a move

During training, get your team to walk through a move started by the goalkeeper who is shouting instructions to his defenders. “Bayden’s on,” or “Bonnie’s made a run.”

Get them calling to each other so they begin to realise that getting the ball from A to B is a lot easier if everyone is shouting their positions on the pitch or telling each other who is in a good position.

Your goalkeeper is very important in communicating with the rest of the team, if they are a good communicator, your team will communicate so much better.

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What is Team Work?

When you’re coaching a team of young football players it’s great to encourage players’ individual skills and abilities but make sure you emphasise that no one player will win the game because winning matches requires effective teamwork!

Key soccer coaching tips

Kids Football NoosaThe first and most important rule to coach your players is that Teams Win Games. These are three simple, but very powerful, words that lie are at the heart of successful youth soccer coaching.

Once each player understands and remembers this, your job as a youth soccer coach will get a whole lot easier.



Coaching your players to understand this concept will help counteract the media messages and headlines they’re exposed to all the time in magazines, on the internet and on TV implying that individual celebrity players are the winners of a match.

This rule sets the record straight about how games are actually won – through the efforts of the whole team.

Kids Team Sport NoosaWhat to say to your players:

“Soccer is a team game. No one player can win a game on their own. Even if it seems like that, from what you read or from what you see on TV.”

“You can, and should, make a big difference to how well your team plays.”

“You can’t win games on your own. Only teams can win games.”


There is no “I” in team or in Noosa Eagles Soccer Club!