How Sports Impacts The Lives of Girls and Women Long After Their Playing Days Are Done

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Esteban Bustillos from WGBH has recently written an article discussing the lifelong impact of sports on girls and women.  It is an interesting article and definitely worth a read.  Click here to read more.

How can I train my football team?

As you’re coaching your new group of young stars, let them dictate how the practice goes. Be open to varying your allocated time per drill.

If one drill is working great and the kids want to do it longer than expected, no problem! The key is that they are having fun while out there, and naturally they will be learning the basics of how to play soccer.  Ball at their feet, and let them play!

Choose drills that have every player with a ball at their feet as much as you can. This will both keep them all more interested, but also slowly increase their natural ability and comfort with the ball.

Play lots of small sided games, and it is best to keep the numbers for a game LOW. Just have 3 v 3, or 4 v 4. Try to avoid having big games like 6 v 6 or more. The less players playing the more touch on the ball for everyone, and in turn the more fun they will have.

Although some of these games can be for older players as well, keep to just the basics for your beginner players… low pressure and LOTS of encouragement and support. Read more